Chandra Yoga

A planetary combination constituted by an exalted planet in ascendant expected by Mars, while the lord of the 9th house is placed in the 3rd house. It makes the individual administer, an adviser, or the commander of an army. The individual is courageous and lives for more than six decades.

Chandra "Moon" Yoga

The 10th lord in an angle, trine, or 2nd from the Moon.
"One becomes a king having special kinds of gems, diamonds and jewels."

This common yoga indicates the importance of the relationship between one's mind and one's karmas. The 10th lord in an angle, trine, or in the 2nd from the Moon indicates harmony between one's mind and karmas. The native's actions will correspond with their mentality and they will be more comfortable with their works. On the other hand, the 10th lord not in these places indicates a lack of harmony, or conflict in the case of the 10th lord being in the 6th or 8th from the Moon, between one's mind and karmas. In this case the natives actions don't necessarily correspond to their mentality, and they don't feel as comfortable with their works. This yoga, by itself, is not a very powerful success producer but it does exert an important influence upon the native's relationship to not only their career, but to all the deeds they are required to perform.

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