Malika Yoga

Malika "garland" Yoga
The seven planets in seven continuous houses.
"The royal native having this yoga is worthy of the worship of all kings as churamani is the most excellent of all jewels. Such a king is the destroyer of all enemies, enjoys sensual pleasures with the Gandharva girls and heavenly women, is endowed with many good qualities and learned in many branches of knowledge."

Malika Yogas are formed by the seven planets, the Sun through Saturn, placed in seven consecutive houses. The house the Malika Yoga begins from determines the specific type of Malika Yoga formed. Malika Yogas are similar to some of the Nabhasa/Akriti Yogas, namely Nauka Yoga, Kuta Yoga, Chatra Yoga, Chapa Yoga and Ardha-Chandra Yoga, however, while the Nabhasa Yogas illustrate important fundamental principles as have been explained, the conditions for forming a Malika Yoga must be met in full in order for it to give its effects.
Malika Yogas are all givers of good to excellent results. They are not dasa dependent but, rather, set a foundation for success to come during the life of the native. The success will come during the dasas of planets forming success-producing yogas. Normally a planet must form many success-producing yogas for its dasa to give outstanding success, however, if a Malika Yoga is present, a planet forming even just one success producing yoga will give outstanding success. The result of a specific Malika Yoga is dependent upon the house from which the yoga begins. The indications of that house will dictate the theme of the yoga. The Malika Yogas commencing from the dusthanas, therefore, have some undesirable effects, though all of them provide a foundation for success. Malika Yogas are quite rare; when found in a horoscope, they have a significant influence upon raising the native in life, and producing and maintaining long-term success. If the Malika Yoga formed is also one of the troublesome Nabhasa/Akriti Yogas, though creating a foundation for success, the yoga will still indicate weaknesses in character that make it difficult for the native to really be happy and secure.

Malika commencing from the 3rd house:
"One will be heroic and wealthy, but sickly."

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