Parivartan Yoga

This means exchange of mutual houses. Any two lords may exchange their houses. Of them when the lord of 9th, this can confer very good results. If the lords of 5 and 10 exchange or 7 and 10 exchange or 5 and 9 exchange very good results can be seen. Even when the lord of 10 is in 9 or 9 th in 10th this yoga is formed partially. Even in cases where the lord of 10th hag aspect of the lord of 5 or 9 this yoga can form to an extent.

Ruchaka Yoga:

Strong physique, well versed in ancient love, conforms to tradition and customs, and becomes famous. Such an individual also becomes wealthy, lives for long, and leads a group of men or an army.

Bhadra Yoga:

Strong physique with a lion-like face. The individual is helpful to relatives and attains a high intellectual eminence.

Hamsa Yoga:

A righteous person, graceful in appearance, considerate, devoted to gods and higher life, and ritualistic in religious observances.

Malavya Yoga:

Essentially a family person, preoccupied with domestic responsibilities and surrounded by children and grandchildren. He possesses personal vehicle, residential house, and other necessities of life.

Sasa Yoga:

Sensuous, occultist, leader of non-traditional and anti-social elements. Fearless and capable of performing arduous deeds.

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