Parivrjya Yoga

Planetary combination for asceticism. Some important ascetic yogas are as follows:

(1) Four or more planets in strength occupying a single house with Raja Yoga present in the horoscope
(2) The lord of Moon sign with no aspect on itself, aspects Saturn or Saturn aspects the lord of the sign occupied by Moon which is also weak
(3) Moon occupies drekkana of Saturn and is expected by it. Such an individual renounces the world and mundane relationships
(4) Moon occupies the navamsa of Saturn or Mars, and is expected by Saturn. Such a person is disenchanted with mundane existence and leads the life of a recluse
(5) Jupiter, Moon and the Ascendant expected by Saturn, and Jupiter occupying the 9th house in the horoscope make a person born in Raja Yoga a holy and illustrious founder of a system of philosophy
(6) Saturn unaccepted by a planet occupies the 9th House and there is Raja Yoga in the horoscope. The combination will make the individual enter a, holy order and become a lord of men.

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