Sama Yoga

Sama "mediocre" Yoga
The Moon in a panaphara (2nd, 5th, 8th or 11th house) from the Sun.
The native's wealth, intelligence, knowledge, and skill shall be middling.
These are important yogas that must be used correctly or else they will be misleading. A casual observation of only a few horoscopes will reveal that there are wealthy, intelligent, and knowledgeable personages with the Moon in an angle from the Sun, and those of lesser abilities and wealth born with the Moon in an apoklima from the Sun. These yogas obviously, therefore, do not impose a restriction upon the native's wealth or intelligence. The Moon gives growth of all things and the light of the Moon is dependent upon the Sun, therefore, the growth and realization of any productive yoga, whether one that grants success, wealth, marriage, children, or anything else, is dependent upon the Moon's placement from the Sun, which indicates the level of preparedness with which the native meets the fructification of a productive yoga. These three yogas are not meant to indicate the full measure of the native's wealth, intelligence and skill, but only to indicate the measure of wealth, intelligence and skill the native has upon the initiation of a productive yoga with which to bring the results of the yoga to fruition.
When Sama Yoga (mediocre yoga) is present the Moon is in a panaphara from the Sun. Panapharas represent receptivity of an activity. Therefore, in horoscope with the Moon in a panaphara from the Sun, the native is relatively well prepared to be receptive to what is to transpire upon the fruition of a good yoga. The results being they are relatively well prepared and have a reasonable amount of the resourcefulness, education and skillfulness required upon the initiation of a good yoga to smoothly bring things to fruition.

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