Sunapha Yoga

A planet, other than the Sun, Rahu or Ketu, in the 2nd from the Moon.
"One with Sunapha Yoga will be a king or equal to a king, renowned for his wisdom and wealth, peacefully disposed, endowed with intelligence, the knowledge of sastras, fame, virtue, self-earned wealth and property."

Planets in the 2nd from the Moon ground and focus the thoughts and contemplations that are stimulated by the native's experiences. These planets indicate how the native feels and reacts to the circumstances and experiences of their life. Classical texts give different effects for the different planets forming Sunapha Yoga:

Jupiter"One excels in every branch of knowledge, is prosperous, has a good family, gets into the good graces of his sovereign and becomes lordly and famous."

Jupiter forming Sunapha Yoga by being in the 2nd from the Moon indicates that the native finds faith and meaning in life's experiences, which conditions their consciousness to react with optimism and happiness. The houses, planets, etc. that Jupiter rules will indicate those things and people through which the native finds faith and a belief system that gives purpose to their lives.

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